The Missing Watch


I still remember what it felt like

When I put it on my right arm

The metal golden yet matt,

Was mine and only mine!

My chum on my hand

Was carefully laid back into

Its red velvet cushioned bed,

Every time after an outing

Or a wedding!

Its heart shaped dial

Into which every time I looked

I saw his face instead of the ticking time!!

The clasp that held itself

On to my hand with its click

Reminded me of that day

When it was flown all the way from

The Land of deserts

Into my hands!!!

Enchanted and enamored

Were we with each other?

That with all the bangles and bracelets

It glazed on my hands on my wedding day too

And it flew with me from where it had come!

Still very much on my hand

Days went by and …

I seldom looked into the dial

We both were in our Nissan Sunny

On a late night drive,

My taken for granted watch

That lay cold on my hands until then,

Slipped away into a gap between the seats,

Its clasp broken with a click!

A mystery unsolved it is,

That I could never find it from the car!

It just went away, to a place unknown

To be free and to get away from me!!

3 thoughts on “The Missing Watch

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  1. Things taken for granted happen everywhere
    the value of some beyond compare
    known only when they disappear into thin air
    making us realize that we should have given some more care.

    Good one Anu.

    Liked by 1 person

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