A slice of Heaven

A slice of heaven on top of the hill

Trees embroidering the boundary of

what we all thought was merely

A building made of cement and stones..

Divided into rooms full of desks and benches

With names and notes scored on its surfaces..

“Kuppuswamy “with his everlasting smile on the gate

Was the Chitragupta

Though he let in all of us in uniforms

Assemblies under the hot sun

Thought of the day, Pledge, news, Bhavans anthem

Everything was boring then…

Relief swept over when tenth was finally over

Two years of school and then…

It would be over we all thought…

And then one fine day it was the last day of twelfth

Realisation struck!!

Teachers were angels…. failures were memories

Successes were milestones….

And that’s when I knew that… what I thought to be a HELL

Was the real heaven….

And my time in heaven was – over!!

Happy teacher’s day!!!!


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