The Road to Home

The bend on road

Where a tree greeted me tall

God forbid; stood Mrs. Sarcasm

Oh hello Mrs. Sarcasm! How do you do

Rather cheerfully I asked

And her nose nasty up in the air

Flared and swelled scarlet

Snapped contempt on my face; now pale white

“Until you my dear,

I was all fine and sane “

Mrs. Sarcasm sighs and goes.

A few feet away stood Miss Hoity Pouty

The Striking sculpt of fashion though

For eternity had a pasted pout

“Oh! Hello Mrs. Hoity Pouty..

What a lovely Dress!”

Her Pout now even clearer

“Wherever did you get this poor excuse of a dress?”

Whatever!!! Miss Pouty cursed aloud and dashed away

Clouds drew together darkening all around into pitch black

Under my own steam steadily I went on

When Mr. Grumpy put on the brakes

His cycle tetchily splashed dirt on me

“Hey you little missy, death isn’t for you now

You be worthy of all this dirt for walking on road”

Sorry Mr. Grumpy, Good Day!!

Grunting aloud, angry old Grumpy

Went all the way grumbling and mumbling.

Finally I could see my home

And there stood under the yellow blooms

Of Cassia Fistula, Mrs. Always Good!!!


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