The chair on wheels

How I wonder what you are

For me is not the star!

On a chair with ease and Peace

She did make me wonder

Tomatoes potatoes shallots and others

Bowed down to her knife ‘s slaughter

Sizzling in the oil noisily they banter

Spices along with the others

Play on her wooden ladle to sputter

Laughing to her tosses  and smother

In peace they rest on her plate

With a dash of butter!

Left hand on the wheel

With grace her chair moves

Towards the round table for dinner

We girls almost every day wonder

Our mother our master chef our mentor

Transformed the term “wheel chair”

Into the “Chair on wheels” for better!

************                         ****************


Happy mother’s day


5 thoughts on “The chair on wheels

Add yours

  1. Isn’t it strange that when we think of mother
    we do see her as a cook and non other
    Oh you did mention about she being your mentor
    I bet there is no one just quite like her.

    Chair on wheels is a true ode to a mother. Convey my birthday wishes and pranam to your mother.

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  2. Thank you Sir..
    For us two she’s not just a cook or a mentor
    It’s just that a poem(if you could call it that😊) couldn’t say it all… She’s our woman of substance!!! She’s what every mother would want to be like…confined to a wheelchair at 53.. never let her down…Thank you for the lovely wishes once again😊

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  3. So much of an upbeat tone here! Never a dull moment with someone who makes it just another trifle in her life, never overshadowing the positives she’s blessed with! As Govind has said, cooking and mother seems synonymous, but you’ve lifted it to a level beyond that with the love she showers on you all, and yours too for her 🙂

    Lovely uplifting read!

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