Thank you Childhood!

Thank you oh Childhood,  

For those days pleasant and fragrant

When it was just not the two of us

But all of us …

when we had to share a piece of cake 

not into halves ;

but into pieces many!

When a fallen ripe mango

all of us together ate

When in the rains

On cycles we speeded 

When a thousand paper boats

From our tote bags went afloat

When we weren’t separable 

And a mere dissappearance

Left our faces streaked and smeared

Thank you oh Childhood

For giving me THEM

But why did you  go away…

behind you,

They too went away..

And on this cousins day

It was just another plain day

Though there were heavy rains

And mango trees too

Neither paper boats 

Nor mangoes did we see

On the way.

Happy cousins day to all my cousins! !!!


4 thoughts on “Thank you Childhood!

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  1. Those were such happy times
    and not so long ago
    How I wonder where they had gone
    makes today seem rather sad
    so much changed
    But your lovely verse
    Has brought them back again
    as they melt those years away
    ———Adapted from Carpenters’ ‘Yesterday once more’

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