The blue Lotus


I knew that there grew

Underneath the algae green;

The temptress  in bluish purple

Rains slashed merciless  upon its leaves

And she was no less stubborn

Hiding in transparency. ..yet hidden thoroughly;

And then for once the onslaught did stop

A Night as black and clear  as it could be

Yet star studded and moonlit

Banishing the ominous clouds

Leaving it all shiny yet wet …

Charmingly dawned!

The sun with all its glory

Glared into my window

Impatiently my eyes dived

Into that little man made pond

Bowing down her bud to her Lord

She rose up slowly. . seductively …Tantalisingly

Opening her blue petals … For him

Totally in love and devotion

Seemingly she said



2 thoughts on “The blue Lotus

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  1. This is quite a remarkable bloom
    sure to bring anyone from their gloom
    and it will be safe to presume
    amongst many in your cap, this will be a special plume.

    Excellent verse, but I feel you could have named it differently giving the reader, a chance to imagine what they want before hitting upon the ‘blue lotus’

    Liked by 1 person

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