20150809_1210081437997256588       As I delved into an ocean of dark

Fading off Into the depths of a sound siesta Weaving through

A bewitched series of events

A dream… Most enchanted unfolded Through a translucent curtain of ambiguity My memories gone astray

And speckled

Unwinding reel after reel

As I sat on his lap with his hands

Tight around me Kissing me

fondly on both the cheeks

Adjusting a pink hairband On my head Checking on my frock

Then it went all blank

Daddy I cried aloud!!!

Where are you?

Here I am, lil dolly And lo, I came…. Thirteen years older

Clad in a pink cotton Sari

Tears welled in those eyes

As he saw his daughter in a Sari

For the first time

Then again- it went blank

I cried aloud Daddy…please come back!!

A curtain of dark dropped

And I saw him…

All bundled in white

Sleeping on the floor

I was crying… Daddy please come back!! Now it was clear

As he lay there peacefully

That he would never Come back!!!

I got up with a jerk

And realised…

Pain of losing a parent never

Healed in the recesses of time

Written by Anita Jayaram


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