To share ….To love…to breath…to live…what better way than words…

” A beautiful morning it was…flipping of my blanket..I stretched and got off my bed much earlier than usual…opened the main door to a swift and fragrant blush of wind on my face…bringing out natural reds into my cheeks…teasing my already messy coil of hair..a pink fair bloom that had just opened its petals for me dancing to the natural rhythm of the December winds…. I was sadder than usual this day as I was supposed to get ready in about 2 hours for a pre scheduled flight to Abudhabi. .. I knew that my heaven was here….my life was here..but did I have a choice…All of us reached Abu dhabi that evening … it was December 31st…All of us slept after wishing each other for the coming year…. but dreams…you  simply cannot ignore them…

A New year dream

Mist trolled in through the wind shields

Buzzing and teasing my ear lobes

Etching my soul towards the breaking dawn

Sending a tiny tremor through my wobbly robes

Beads of morning dew drops drenched my cheeks

As I sniffed the perfume of a pink new bloom

Waltzing to the rhythm of a tranquil gentle wind,

My feet rooted to the wet soil of the garden

Relishing the last of dawns of this year

I am here in my garden … of my home in Kerala

This was far-fetched, I knew

Trinnnnnnnnnnnnng, the alarm bellowed,

Carrying me to a life that I had chosen

I found myself in a bed

Gathering my thoughts, I got up from the opulent earth of my dream

I reached towards the window sill

Sun was just coming up, from the vast mirage of desert!

Here in the land of golden soil

Written By Anita Jayaram


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